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19, मिथुन, Russia, Moscow
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लैंगिक पसंदसमलैंगिक
ऊंचाई>5'10" - 6" [175सेमी - 185सेमी]
वजन140 - 160 lbs [60 - 70 किग्रा]
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भाषाएँरुसी, अंग्रेजी
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suck, fuck, kiss
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My name is Ashot, 18 years old. I was born in Armenia, the city of Gyumri, I was a man who was only interested in girls, and suddenly I went to visit a friend and met a guy there. As they say, at first glance it was just magical. I got a new unfamiliar feeling. two days later we corresponded on instagram, and suddenly I felt that my love was growing, and I invited him to live together. and I didn't expect his answer. He told me that for my sake he would even leave his family. I offered him my house, where I was born and where my family lives. My boyfriend and I left Yerevan and went to Gyumri. We decided to go to Yerevan again and rent a house, and everything was fine with us, and suddenly I got sick and ended up in the hospital, I had a temperature of 40 for 4 days and they told me that I should be in the hospital for 7 days. My dad wouldn't let my boyfriend go to the hospital with me, he told my brother to go to the hospital with me. My dad deceived my boyfriend and told him we would go to the hospital together. And he was taken to another place where there were no people. and they told him that you are gay, get out of our son's life and so on. Dad beat him and told him that we should not be together. I ran away from the hospital with my boyfriend and now there are two of us in Gyumri. We are together and we ask for your help. cover us and help us get out of this city. live in safety


i have a dream to escape from Armenia help me
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cum in face
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